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We are raising money to fund more high-quality theatrical projects for this season. The money will be used for these projects that create such great opportunities for young actors and adult professionals alike. 

Any contribution is appreciated. If you do donate, we will be notified and be able to receive free tickets to upcoming Austin Actors' Studio shows!

"The Austin Actors' Studio seeks to engage, inspire and entertain audiences by offering opportunities for young actors to work with adult professionals to produce quality theater in an educational setting. Our mission is to enable students to gain discipline, knowledge, and experience by observing, interacting and learning from adult actors both on and off stage and for all actors to explore the endless facets and various themes of the human condition by producing existing and original collaborative theater."
-Milton Zoth, Founder and Artistic Director

Click Here to donate to the Austin Actor's Studio.

Upcoming Shows

LET THE RIGHT ONE IN             August 2nd - 11th.             Click Here

THE WOLVES     August 16th-25th                    Click Here